>>> Device manager for analog and optical devices <<<
(built in speakers, external speakers, headset)
New on Nahimic 2+ : S/PDIF compatibility

>>> 7 preconfigured and fully customizable profiles <<<
Creation of unlimited profiles, with export and import possibility

>>> Bass Boost <<<
Increase the volume of the low frequencies in order to have a deeper listening experience, up to 12dB

>>> Virtual Surround <<<
Recreate a multichannel listening experience over your stereo device, or widen a stereo listening experience over your multichannel device (especially efficient on headphones)

>>> Reverb <<<
Increase the feeling of spaciousness

>>> Treble Enhancer <<<
Increase the volume of high frequencies in order to have a heightened listening experience

>>> Smart Loudness <<<
Maintain a constant volume for all elements of your audio experience (dialogs, soundtracks, explosions,…) to make them all sound really soft, balanced or really loud

>>> Voice Clarity <<<
Boost the frequency of the voice, up to +6dB


>>> Broadcasting software compatible with Nahimic HD Audio Recorder <<<
XSplit Gamecaster, XSplit Broadcaster, OBS

>>> Audio LaunchPad <<<
This tool allows to trigger audio samples of your choice with your keyboard or gamepad while recording or streaming a gaming session


>>> Compatible with Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 on MSI Gaming Series <<<


>>> Device manager for analog devices <<<
(built-in mic, external mic)

>>> Playback option <<<

>>> Voice Leveler <<<
Maintains a constant voice level, regardless of the distance from your microphone

>>> Noise Suppression <<<
Removes the remaining noise on top of your voice

>>> Voice Shaper <<<
Applies a filter to make voices more intelligible


>>> Visual indication to see the localization of the loudest sound <<<

>>> Radar customization for better visual comfort  <<<
New on Nahimic 2+ (color, size, position, opacity)

>>> List of compatible games <<<
New on Nahimic 2+: decide whether or not you want to display the radar in certain games, 
and help us to complete our list available on « nahimic.com/soundtracker »


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