>>> Surround Sound <<<
The best 3D sound ever done for video games and immediately accessible.
Recreate a multichannel listening experience over your stereo device, or widen a stereo listening experience over your multichannel device (especially efficient on headphones)

>>> Extended Compatibility <<<
No matter your audio device connections, Nahimic allows you the best audio experience (Jack/USB/Bluetooth/HDMI/SPDIF)

>>> 4 preconfigured and customizable profiles <<<
Create the best profile according to your multimedia taste or trust our sound engineers who set them at the optimum levels 

>>> Volume Stabilizer <<<
Adjust the sound differences continuously and dynamically to maintain a constant volume in order to have your output levels balanced and consistent, to get the most immersive experience

>>> Voices <<<
Boost or decrease the frequency of the voice (up to +12dB / -12dB), resulting in clear and intelligible dialogs

>>> Bass <<<
Increase the volume of the low frequencies in order to have a realistic bass sound and a punchy listening experience, up to +12dB / -12dB (ideal for explosions, engines)

>>> Treble <<<
Play with the volume of high frequencies in order to better hear all tiny details and get the best crystal clear sound experience (ideal for music media contents)


>>> Static noise suppression <<<
We remove all static noise (from computer's fans, hard drive vibration, etc.) to improve communication clarity and quality

>>> Echo Cancellation <<<
Cancel acoustic feedback between speaker and microphone in teleconferencing mode

>>> Lateral Sound Cancellation <<<
This removes stationary and non-stationary noise from outside a certain range, only the desirable signal (voice) in front of the microphone is captured

>>> Voice stabilizer <<<
Maintains a constant voice level, regardless of the distance from your microphone or the level difference of the voice


>>> Visual indication to see the localization of all major sounds <<<
Exact visual duplication of sound playback in your headphones or speakers, without any other interpretation

>>> Radar customization for better visual comfort  <<<
Color, size, position and opacity

>>> List of compatible games <<<
Decide whether or not you want to display the radar in certain games, 
and help us to complete our list available on « www.nahimic.com/soundtracker »



>>> Compatible with Windows 10 RS3 on MSI Gaming Series <<<
Compatible with Intel CPU 8th generation

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