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World-renowned audio software with the finest 3D Sound technology that provides you with the most immersive gameplay and leads you to victory.

Find our audio solution on :
  • MSI
  • Lenovo Legion
  • Dell Gaming
  • Gigabyte
  • ASRock
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Do more than play, live your game!

Feel the sound field expanding and your game springing to life with the incredible Surround Sound

Nahimic positions each sound of your game with surgical precision and recreates a multichannel experience on your stereo device enabling an immersive and shocking audio experience!

  • Overwatch
  • CS GO
  • Destiny 2
  • League of legends

The possibilities are endless

All of the incredible Nahimic effects are available on your favorite audio devices.

Whether you are using headphones, a headset, external or internal speakers, via USB, Wi-Fi, analog output or even HDMI, Nahimic offers you the most engaging listening experience, vibrant and rich with details.

  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • VR
  • Analog
  • USB
  • Bluetooth
  • HDMI

Don’t miss any interaction while engaged in your game

Because your microphone is essential to maximize communication, we developed powerful algorithms that ensure the best interactions while gaming.

Nahimic knows that good communications during a game are essential to share and be engaged with your mates. We have dedicated several axes of improvement such as Voice Stabilizer, Static Noise Suppression, to maintain a clear, constant and comfortable communication.

  • Discord
  • Teamspeak
  • Mumble
  • Steam

Your best ally in gaming!

The Sound Tracker, a unique creation of Nahimic, is a visual indicator that points out the directions from which predominant sounds are coming.

Use both eyes and ears to locate the threat perfectly. Each sound is properly positioned in 360° on a radar for a full immersion during the game. The Sound Tracker is displayed on the screen on top of your favorite game.

Nahimic is more than powerful and
engaging features,
it is a new way of playing


Immersion in the game is incredible thanks to a sound field that expands in three dimensions providing resonance from the front, side and middle. It will surprise you by bringing your game to life. Feel the immersion, feel the sound as if you were in the heart of the action and let yourself be moved by an emotional response to the game (especially efficient with a headset).


Enjoy our vibrant and high-quality Surround Sound on all your favorite audio devices: Jack, USB, Bluetooth, HDMI, S/PDIF. Nahimic is compatible with all of your favorite audio tools and ensures the best sound with any of them. We own a large database of speakers and headphones specifications, that we measure and improve to optimize our technology and offer you the best experience.


The Sound Tracker is a visual indicator that points out the directions from which predominant sounds are coming. Each sound is properly positioned in 360° on a radar for a full immersion during the game. It is displayed on your screen and can be easily moved and customized. Each single sound spot created by ennemies such as gunshots, explosions from the gameplay is faithfully played and reproduced in your headset to make you more alert and responsive to threats!


Nahimic takes care of your eardrums regardless of volume changes and maintains a constant volume for all elements of your audio experience. Volume Stabilizer makes volume adjustments automatically and helps keep a steady volume. If you’re constantly adjusting your computer’s volume while you play video games or listen to music, Volume Stabilizer solves this problem.


Because your microphone is essential to maximize communication, and cooperation with your team is key, we develop powerful algorithms to ensure the best noise-free conversation. We guarantee to maintain a constant vocal level no matter the distance from your mic. We dynamically clear the sound and remove interference noise and lower the voice variation. Result is a better comprehension and less fatigue.


Night Mode is a smart volume reduction, keeping the media content intelligible. Nahimic adjusts the volume level (-10dB) and lowers the bass to preserve the quiet of your surroundings. The general volume will decrease to 50% but you still stay in tune with your gaming action. Your neighbours will love you.

Nahimic last update software

To make sure that you keep on having the great Nahimic immersive Surround Sound technology, check to always have the latest version of it. But don't forget to update your audio driver first.

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To celebrate our passion for gaming and e-sports, Nahimic has chosen to support great broadcasters.

THZ Pro player - APEX

Surname : Nicolas
Born : in Belgium

Dahmien7 Pro player - PUBG

Surname : Damien
Born : in France

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