From military technology to virtual reality audio for gaming, Nahimic was founded in 2004 by two former classmates in engineering school, Tuyen Pham and Ambroise Recht. Their goal was to bring innovation to a stagnant Audio sector facing thriving and ever-evolving visual technology industry.

Our Mission

We enable the Best Audio experience, whatever the content and on any devices.

Audio technologies are late compared to visual technologies. All the devices from smartphones to notebooks have nowadays incredible image quality, but something is missing… the Sound.

From the user perspective, there are still lots of audio issues unsolved: the lack of intelligibility of Skype calls because the volume is not loud enough, the clarity of dialogs on Netflix or Youtube forcing you to play constantly with the volume or simply the sound quality of your favorite music on Spotify or Apple music on your earbuds compared to heavier gears…

Nahimic solves those issues with a software. It will ensure you the best sound experience, whatever the content (Music, Movies, Communications, Gaming) and on any devices you are using (Internal speakers, any pair of headphones or speakers).

Our Achievements

From Military projects to Global Consumer market.

Nahimic started with military and industrial projects at its foundation delivering high-end sound engine and 3D Sound recording systems. In 2010, Nahimic pivots to address only the consumer electronics market.

From our first customer in PC Peripheral, to nowadays major brands of Laptop and PC, Nahimic managed to become the leader in the PC Gaming audio industry, now powering tens of millions of audio products of gamers.

These products with Nahimic inside deliver the most precise 3D sound experience offering an unfair advantage to competing players who want to perform in their games or simply immerse the end user into the heart of the movie or music with an enhanced sound quality.

In 2018, Nahimic brings all these technologies to Mac Users for Movie or Music Lovers. PC users will follow soon.



Responding to an increasing demand, the company finally decided to deliver its ultimate audio technology to a wider and mainstream audience, and choose MacBook users to start. Nahimic App responds to their needs exactly, offering a piece of software able to enhance all media content and audio devices with smart and powerful features.


With the growth of the VR market, Nahimic integrated a module of automatic recognition of VR peripherals in the 2017 version that gives to the player a complete immersion in 360° for video and sound


Launch of the Nahimic brand. Nahimic released its audio solution designed for the MSI Gaming Series, and participated in CES Las Vegas with own booth for the very first time.


2 million products featuring Nahimic! 10 years after founding the company, Tuyen Pham and Ambroise Recht spread their original technology into a large number of PC products bringing premium audio quality back to the ears of miilions of users.


The first consumer electronic deal. The technology caught the attention of fast growing PC peripherals manufacturers. The success of Nahimic was huge and the young company managed to normalise its virtual surround technology.


Nahimic was integrated by civilian airplanes in the Alicia project (www.alicia-project.eu), defining the future of helicopters and European aircrafts. In Alicia, Nahimic technology was used to bring awareness to the pilot using precise 3D sound alarms to avoid collisions.


Thales Avionics, a worldwide leader in military aircraft avionics systems, tested Nahimic which was evaluated for an integration of 3D sound alarms in fighter aircraft simulators. It has been shown that 3D sound improves the reaction time of a pilot to incoming threats by half.


Two talented engineers from the french school "Centrale" founded A-Volute. Tuyen Pham and Ambroise Recht developed a cutting edge 3D sound technology based on a multi-speaker headset. The project was called "N Array Headphone Integrated MICrophone". NAHIMIC was born!

& recognitions

  • 2018

    Les Echos Best partner Award Competitive Company

  • 2017

    Les Echos Best partner Award Competitive Company

  • 2017

    MSI Best partner Award

  • 2017

    Deloitte Technology fast 50/500 Fastest growing Company

  • 2016

    Digital Impulse award 2de price

  • 2016

    Deloitte Technology fast 50/500 Fastest growing Company

  • 2015

    PME Trophy Innovative company

  • 2015

    MSI Best partner Award

  • 2012

    PME Trophy Innovative company

  • 2011

    Deloitte Technology fast 50 Heart award

  • 2009

    Oseo Worldwide Tech Leader award

  • 2006

    Ubifrance French tech tour 1st place

  • 2004

    Laureate Jeune Compagnie

  • 2004

    Laureate LMI


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