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Our solutions

Because everyone should benefit from the best audio experience, we design smart and tailor-made solutions that offer 3D Sound on regular stereo devices.

Audio technologies

We are able to recreate the sound field the way the auditory system locates sound sources. Our system uses the knowledge of head-related Transfer Function (HRTF). The signals required by the eardrums for the listener to perceive sound from any direction can be calculated. We recreate these signals at the eardrum using either headphones, a headset, speakers. By correcting the flaws of generic filters, we ensure the most natural-sounding immersive experience, which we call 3D Sound.

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The consumerization of contents usage through streaming and video platforms are changing the game for audio market. The favorite movie or music is now consumed on more and more mobile and light devices. The place to put decent speaker is shrinking. To retrieve a better audio by correcting the audio of internal speakers, we bring our expertise to OEM to measure and dynamically correct all the defaults. Our goal is to bring our solution to as many platforms as possible whether on Windows or MacOs, and even on mobile devices.


Whether you are using a headset, headphones or speakers, we offer the best audio experience. Your audio device can be used in Bluetooth, USB, analog, HDMI or S/PDIF. Because your listening comfort is a priority, we guarantee to optimize the listening quality of whatever you are using. We will recognize your audio device and optimize it. We own a database of thousands of devices that we analyze and improve in order to mitigate any distortion during the sound rendering restitution.

Nahimic is ready for...

By combining the best of psycho-acoustics, signal processing and audio driver development, we transcribe the spatial auditory perception of the human ear by providing the most accurate 3D audio engine possible as a pure software solution for every need.


We continuously dedicate our expertise to developing audio software for any computer and any audio needs.

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We integrate our audio solution directly on Motherboards with all audio effects ready to use.

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Headsets & headphones

We created a solution to offer a spacialized sound in 7.1 on stereo headsets or headphones.

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Virtual Reality

We were the first to finally offer a complete VR experience adding Surround Sound to 360° video in the gaming industry.

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With our Nahimic solution, external speakers can also benefit from immersive 3D sound experience.

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Enable your consumers to take 3D audio anywhere they go.


Why not use the best audio quality during your business presentation to captivate any audience?

Custom projects

We have our own LAB where acoustic PhDs perform test measurements and exciting research.

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  • MSI
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  • DELL
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Our expertise can develop products that are unique and at the height of innovation through audio and acoustics.