A volute

the story of A-volute

A-Volute was founded by Tuyen Pham and Ambroise Recht in 2004.
A-Volute’s objective was to bring innovation to the audio world.

The first patented innovation was a multi-speaker headset for 3D sound.
Then A-Volute developed one of the first full 3D audio engines,
able to virtualize hundreds of audio sources in 360 degrees and overhead.

A-Volute combined the best of psychoacoustics, audio signal processing
and audio driver development to provide the most precise 3D audio engine
as a pure software solution.

One of their first customers was the DGA (French Ministry of Defense)
who has incorporated Audio Advanced Technologies A-Volute solutions 
on their jet fighter training simulators allowing to their pilots
to have a dual alert (visual and audio)

thereby being much more efficient during air strikes (rockets, missiles, etc.)

A-Volute then developed a full line of audio effects and functionalities
dedicated to PC gamers like the Voice HD Recorder,
remarkably all based on its military experience.

In March 2015, in a partnership with the world’s leading Gaming brand MSI,
we launched Nahimic audio software dedicated to gamers.

Tuyen Pham
CEO & co-founder
of A-Volute

Tuyen Pham graduated from l’Ecole Centrale de Lille. It was during his time at school that the Nahimic technology was originally developed.

An expert in audio technology, technology sales and licensing, and the consumer electronics market, he developed his company and made numerous partnerships in the industrial market with the biggest global electronic brands.

He continues to be at the heart of the company’s expansion.

Ambroise Recht
CTO & co-founder
of A-Volute

Ambroise Recht graduated from l’Ecole Centrale de Lille. With Tuyen, they worked together on a student project that would become the base for the Nahimic technology.

Working within different IT companies, Recht specialized himself in software engineering.

Through his position as chief technical officer, Ambroise mainly participates in A-Volute’s technology development and business management.


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Begin work on the core technology development at Centrale Lille (engineering school, France.

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First military contracts in avionics.

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Thales Avionics, worldwide leader in military aircraft avionics systems, tested Nahimic in fighters’ aircraft simulators. Indeed, it has been shown that 3D sound combined with visual alarms reduces the reaction time of a pilot by half on incoming threats.

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DGA, the French Ministry of Defense, is purchased a 3D sound recording system from A-Volute. This system is used to capture the sound on battlefields and to play it back to Generals and specialists in a meeting room in order to hear the newly developed weapons.

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After these military successes, Nahimic is adopted by civilian airplanes in the Alicia Project (www.Alicia-project.eu) defining the future of helicopters and European aircrafts.

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The first consumer headset powered by Nahimic is launched on the market.

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Opening of Taiwan office and first contract awarded by a PC company.

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Opening of Singapore Development Center and started the partnership with MSI.

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Launch of Nahimic brand.

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