At Nahimic, we wish to meet your needs as well as possible and assist you in your gaming experience by offering a more realistic sound.
 We’re providing you with a unique and spatialized sound on standard stereo equipment.

And thanks to our 3D audio technology and features, sound becomes a strategic weapon to track, to improve your skills, to win.
Nahimic 3D sound also allows you to enjoy a theater-like movie experience, and to rediscover your music library.

 Nahimic, your best ally for gaming.


Nahimic is an audio spatialization solution created by the French company A-Volute, embedded on leading and premium PC gaming manufacturers.
Our patented technology originated from military research, and was redesigned for gaming, all through an intelligent and intuitive software.
Nahimic boosts your computer’s audio and vocal performance, delivering virtualized 7.1 sound in a simple click.

MSI Nahimic 3D Audio


The goal of this new version of Nahimic 3 is to go BACK to the basics: to immerse yourself in your favorite universe in one click. Whether in your video games where the immersion will be complete thanks to the extremely effective 3D Sound  that will bring you to victory, or in your musical universe that you rediscover through relevant and fine adjustments to your audio devices which will wrap you in new sensations and bring you incredible emotions.



Nahimic virtualizes a 7.1 sound, providing a 360 ° sound experience.

Our 3D sound immerses you in the game, and allows you to significantly improve your performance.
With an intuitive interface, simply customize your audio effects.


Games come to life!
Nahimic Immersive Audio becomes your special weapon in-game.
All Nahimic audio effects are applied in your recordings and streams so that your viewers can enjoy the best sound.



Voice your broadcasts !

VoiceBoost is a volume audio mixer that manages the audio volume of VoIP & Apps

It dynamically decreases the volume of the game's audio whenever you are talking to your mates.
VoiceBoost gives communication priority to your voice that your teammates can hear you crystal clear.
VoiceBoost the smartest communication solution !



Locate precisely your targets !

Based on our advanced audio engine that permits the best and post precise 360° audio rendering in your regular stereo devices, Nahimic displays all these sound information onto an overlay radar 

The Sound Tracker provides a visual indication that permits better localization of the sound while in the game.

Stay alert and be more responsive to threats !

Its discreet and fully customizable design fits perfectly into your favorite games.

But you can still decide which games will be activated or not. 

Sound Tracker

Click here to discover the games that are compatible with Sound Tracker


Loud and clear !

Nahimic guarantees the perfection of your voice transmissions, making them more intelligible.

The « Voice Stabilizer» feature maintains a constant level of voice no matter the distance from your microphone, while the « Lateral Sound Cancellation » removes all lateral background noises.


A shot of pure audio to the ears, with an incredible spacialization technology 

Thanks to its increased expertise in 3D sound, Nahimic has also developed an expert module dedicated to your multimedia experience.

Nahimic brings a new dimension to your way of listening.

With regular headphones or simple stereo speakers, turn them into a virtual movie theater sound system and you will be wrapped in sound just by turning on the Nahimic application.

Get the same breathtaking sensation, with your music playlist. Feel the music the way it was intended to be heard.

Virtual reality


Virtual Reality technologies are expanding. But while the VR headset gives us a new way of seeing, sound is often stuck in stereo, which has the effect of producing a discrepancy between what one sees and what one hears.

 Nahimic set out to revolutionize your listening experience by adapting our technology to your VR equipment.

You are thereby submerged in a more immersive virtual environment than ever before.
Nahimic brings VR experience to the next level.

* On MSI Dragon Center & Gaming Center


A-Volute provides technology built to improve audio and spatialize sound in 3 dimensions and is also the creator of the Nahimic software.

A-Volute relies on its own expertise and technology to deliver a sound that is natural, immersive, and high-quality in gaming and multimedia.

At the heart of A-Volute is a certain know-how that created the 3D sound technology found in Nahimic which recreates all of the depth and spatiality of sound on a classic, stereo sound system.

A-Volute’s expertise in acoustics and audio software development allow them to develop products that are unique and at the height of innovation.


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