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Live an immersive
audio experience.

Transform the sound of your music, movies, and media into detailed real-world sound.

Your Mac must be using macOS Sierra or later
Coming soon to more devices!

Dive into the heart of the action!

Get ready to plunge deeply into your series or movies with clear, crisp 3D Surround Sound.

Discover new sensations by watching your favorite shows and movies. Dive into the heart of the action, let yourself be immersed by our incredibly realistic 3D Surround Sound audio effect, and be carried away by your emotions.

  • Netflix
  • Youtube
  • Amazon
  • Hulu
  • HBO
Your Mac must be using macOS Sierra or later
Coming soon to more devices!

The best Sound with any audio device.

Rediscover your music library with more intensity with any audio device, turn it from zero to hero.

Whether you are listening to oldies hits or the latest songs, Nahimic gives you the best audio experience, rich with details and intense with any audio device. With Device Calibration, Nahimic is able to optimize your audio setup for the optimum sound quality. No need to have top of the line headphones, headsets or speakers. We make sure you get the best sound on your MacBook!

  • Spotify
  • Apple
  • Pandora
  • sound cloud
Your Mac must be using macOS Sierra or later
Coming soon to more devices!

Be the life of the party.

Nahimic guarantees unforgettable moments made possible by powerful features such as Volume Amplifier.

Volume Amplifier allows you safely to intensify the volume amplitude of your computer beyond its initial limits without any distortion for higher, intense and unique moments.

Your Mac must be using macOS Sierra or later
Coming soon to more devices!


3D Sound

We are able to recreate a multichannel experience through your stereo device, providing resonances as if it came from the front, sides and the center of the scene. You will feel the sound as though you were right in the middle of your series's action and rediscover your whole music library, full of new details, sounding natural.

Volume Amplifier

At Nahimic, we pay particular attention at making sure you can enjoy and share Nahimic effects with your friends and loved ones. Nahimic helps to boost the sound volume of your computer beyond its possibilities. Listen to any audio content as loud as you want safely, without any distortion, and forget the volume limited capabilities of your computer.

Device Calibration

Nahimic is compatible with all audio devices, whether you are using internal or external speakers, headphones or a headset, in Bluetooth, USB or WiFi. No need to have the latest devices, whatever you use you will have the ultimate calibration and the most comfortable audio rendering.

Beta feature

Don't believe us,
try for yourself.

Your Mac must be using macOS Sierra or later
Coming soon to more devices!

They show us

« I work on my MacBook Pro 24/7 attached to other Pro audio devices. The sound is really fantastic with Nahimic and even loud enough that my homies around me can hear my digital demo tape clearly. »


« As a composer, perfection is my ultimate goal. In my spare time I like to stay immersed in music, and Nahimic gives me that feeling on my MacBook. »


«I recently adopted Nahimic App on my computer, and I love it! It’s a game changer! Thanks to it my wife and I are enjoying an amazing sound quality. Not to mention an immersive movie experience right from our computer. »


« I'm lucky enough to fly all around the world. My MacBook and headphones are always next to me, and now I have added a new great companion: Nahimic, which brings all my music and shows to life. »


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